Other tools to know more about high seas

Find here external links to resources developed by project partners. 
A data portal for the Thermal Dome and a data portal for the Sargasso Sea are in progress.

The Thermal Dome of Costa Rica
Cover of the Atlas of the Thermal Dome by MarViva

The Atlas is part of MarViva’s mission to raise awareness of the Costa Rica Thermal Dome and its importance for regional marine biodiversity.

Thermal Dome geoportal
MarViva Geoportal tile

Information platform to explore, search and consult geospatial data generated to meet the goals of the different initiatives of the MarViva Foundation. In this Geoportal you can discover data, maps, geoportals, storymaps and other services developed for an easy and intuitive experience.

Sargasso Sea resources
Old Sargasso Sea map

Find here all the documentation and publications of the Sargasso Sea Commission on the Sargasso Sea.