CISOS24, scientific conference at Immersed in Change


Congress of Integration of Knowledge for a Sustainable Ocean, CISOS24 ahead of the Immersed in Change conference. June 3-6, 2024.

The Commission of Vice Rectors of Research of the National Council of Rectors is pleased to inform that from June 3 to 6, the Scientific-Academic Forum: Congress of Integration of Knowledge for a Sustainable Ocean, CISOS24, will take place.
The organization will be in charge of the five public universities, Universidad de Costa Rica, Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica, Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN) and the Universidad Nacional Costa Rica, UNA as the leader of the organization. With the collaboration of the National Academy of Sciences of Costa Rica and the French Embassy.

The objectives of the congress are:

  • Generate recommendations from the integration of academic and non-academic knowledge to ensure actions around ocean sustainability.
  • To demonstrate scientific, technological, experiential and community management contributions, among others, in the fulfillment of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Open a space for interaction to create synergies between diverse actors and views on the challenges of ocean sustainability in the next decade.
  • Formulate prospective scenarios on the future of the ocean to contribute to action planning in line with the objectives of the decade of ocean sciences.
    The event will be held at the Cora Ferro Calabrese Auditorium of the National University and other venues in public universities and coastal communities.

Full program

and full details of the event are available here


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