Deep-sea mining: what future for biodiversity?


The University of Western Brittany (UBO) invites the public to dive deep into the ocean at a conference at Océanopoplis, a scientific center dedicated to the ocean in Brest.


As the debate intensifies over whether or not to allow commercial mining activities in the deep seabed, we invite you to an exceptional participatory conference to better understand the issues involved in exploiting the precious resources found there.

During this participatory conference, the French public will gain a better understanding of the workings and challenges of the deep seabed by taking part in stimulating debates on issues such as energy transitions, the exploitation of marine mineral resources and the preservation of living organisms. By taking on the role of the International Seabed Authority via a smartphone voting system, spectators will have the opportunity to make their voice heard in these crucial discussions.

The race for rare metals and the discovery of an unsuspected wealth of biodiversity will be the subject of debates led by experts to give you a better understanding of the complex issues surrounding these resources.

The conference will be recorded and a link will be provided after the conference date.


Tuesday, February 13


8.30-10 PM


Brittany Pavilion Auditorium, Océanopolis, Brest, France


The speakers for this conference are :

  • Denis BAILLY, lecturer and researcher in environmental economics, UMR AMURE, UBO
  • Pierre-Yves CADALEN, researcher in political science, UMR AMURE, UBO
  • Bleuenn GUILLOUX, Junior Professor in Law of the Sea and the Environment, UMR LIENSs, Université de La Rochelle
  • Thomas LECLERC, Lecturer in Public Law, UMR AMURE, UBO
  • Marjolaine MATABOS, benthic ecology researcher, Ifremer
  • Tiago PIRES DA CRUZ, doctoral student in political science, Centre Emile Durkheim, Sciences Po Bordeaux
  • Pierre-Marie SARRADIN, chemistry researcher, UMR BEEP, Ifremer