Second Advisory Board in Gland, Switzerland


After two days of fruitful discussion during the ABMTs in ABNJ workshop organized by IUCN & OFB with group discussion using a fictive site the transition was just right for the SARGADOM steering committee. 
The two sites of the SARGADOM project, Thermal Dome and Sargasso Sea could be in the first batch of proposals for ABMTs in the high seas. The main question during this Steering Committee was how to organize a proposal for BBNJ (link to Article 19 “Proposals” of the BBNJ Treaty) addressing the specific questions:
  • For which criteria (BBNJ Annex 1)?
  • What is the best available science?
  • How to put forward the best available science to present the case?
  • Which measure(s) should we propose?
  • Who needs to be consulted during the pre-proposal phase?
After discussing it for two days on a hypothetical site, we discussed how to apply it to our two sites. The first part of the day was dedicated to the method developed to write the socio-ecosystem diagnostic analysis and then see the application first for the Thermal Dome and then the Sargasso Sea. And the second part of the day brought the group together to discuss communication and capacity building tools for the project.


  1. Introduction by Phénia Marras-Aït Razouk and Joëlle Richard
  2. Socio-Ecosystem Diagnostic Analysis (SEDA) Methodology by Denis Bailly
  3. Sargasso Sea Socio-Ecosystem Diagnostic Analysis – Structure and Methodology by David Vousden
  4. Costa Rica Thermal Dome by Jorge A. Jiménez and Sonia A. Jurado
  5. Sargasso Sea Commission Updates by David Freestone, David Vousden, Jesse Cleary and Fae Sapsford (To be converted to PDF for reading from the Drive)
  6. Communication & Capacity Building by Joëlle Richard